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About Us

Pawchichi is a dog clothing and accessories store based in Austria.
Our mission is to provide dog owners a wide range of designer dog clothes and accessories - from bandanas, collars and bows to harness, so their dog can feel comfortable and happy, as well as to express their innermost selves when they flaunt these fashionable dog outfits and accessories.
With our outstanding collection, your dog will sparkle above and beyond the competition with a complete outfit for every day of the year.

With your purchase we can make a difference.
10% of each purchase in Pawchichi will go straight to charity, helping tens of
thousands of sick and homeless dogs. With your support, we can save street

dogs from abuse, neglection, abandonment, sickness or injury. We pride
ourselves on the efficient use of funds so that significantly larger numbers of
dogs can be helped.

Pawchichi assist some shelters and dog centers, which is home to nearly 200
dogs. In addition, we collaborate with many veterinary hospitals and medical
providers of all sizes throughout the country.

The main mission of Pawchichi is to enhance and preserve the quality of the
dog’s life by providing a better environment. Our work ensures lifesaving medical
treatment to preserve the lives of beloved pets.

We save dogs of all ages, breeds, medical issues, and provide the affection,
medical care, socialization and training they need to be joyful, healthy and loving

Each month we assist to ameliorate the well-being and health of more than 500
homeless dogs in shelters, rescue groups, pets of the homeless and wildlife
sanctuaries by giving dog food, treats, towels, blankets, leashes, beds, collars,
and other supplies. And that’s only the beginning, we aspire to realize plenty of
projects in order to make a lasting impact on our fight to protect dogs.
Moreover, we will provide information showing what all gathered contributions
have enabled us to achieve, and as a supporter, you truly have the opportunity to
make a difference to the lives of dogs in need.
Together we fight tooth and nail to assist dogs in need in every way that we can.
However, it is only possible with your help and support.
Thank you for your interest. Remember, every penny helps a dog in need and it
is highly appreciated.


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